BerlinFoodShips® Restaurant mobile
Architecture Competition - Berlin (GE)  -  2015
En partenariat avec l’Atelier Jean Maleyrat

Of course we thought about the classic food truck. Four wheels, the idea of an adventure (however reassuring thanks to friendly bearded persons) and then we thought: why participate in a competition if the proposal is the expected, the conventional?
Answering to the competition’s rules, our project dares to take a dip of faith with the conception of an aquatic stand. The approach is simple: to associate opposites, diverging thoughts, which once united become unprecedented, unusual and creative.

« The wrong thing in the right place »
Rem Koolhaas 2004

It is by playing with our era – for which the post-functionalist movement animates the architectural context – that we assemble images and three dimensional models towards a composition where the site is covered with the same importance as a rendered tile.
A radical programmatic juxtaposition, symbol of an era marked by collages impelled by the immensity of the google image data bank.
Therefore, references appear in mind, images linked to the narrative of the competition. Places containing these images are linked to Bavaria, beer, and wooden chalets. Searching for an antinomic answer, our mind wanders through bathing and Mediterranean style of living.
It is precisely this composition of paradoxes that create the project.
Then, our imagination takes the lead: waiter-boats functioning with the geolocalisation of the table flags bring food to the clients. Here, tradition is reinserted through the food, inspired by Curry 36, a German fast food brand specialized in currywurst. We can consequently suggest that it is through the addition of the values of functionality and globalization, inspired in our Western landscape that these “food ships” finds its process and sense of belonging to year 2015.